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Tina is a Raleigh-born and raised real estate agent serving the entire Triangle-area. Tina understands the needs of both first time home buyers and those who are seasoned home buyers. Let her guide you in your real estate endeavors. Read more about Tina. 


 Want to view current listings and get detailed information at any time? It is so easy with my mobile app. You can search for nearby homes for sale, new to market, price changes, open house, and so much more!   Text RALEIGH to 87778 to download the app. 


Want to view current listings and get detailed information at any time? It is so easy with the mobile app. You can search for nearby homes for sale, new to market, price changes, open houses, and more! Download the app: Text RALEIGH to 87778


The Neighborhood Activity Report evaluates and tracks the market value of properties in a certain area. Find extensive information regarding properties in the area that are currently for sale, have been taken off the market or have recently sold.  Sign up here for the free neighborhood report. 


Home Sweet Raleigh is my blog where I share my favorite neighborhoods, real estate tips and trends, and other happenings in Raleigh, and surrounding areas. 


Born and raised in Raleigh, I have seen my hometown change so much in the past few years. You know you are a local if you remember North Hills as being an actual mall, the man who used to sell peanuts near the Capital building so that we could feed the pigeons, and if you say Falls of THE Neuse Road.  There is nothing more I love than discovering my hometown of Raleigh with family and friends!  



Let us tell the story of your home.


Selling a home is so much more than sticking a sign in your lawn. There is preparing your home. Decluttering and depersonalizing. Cleaning. Staging. Repairs and renovations. Pre-listing home inspection. Then we need to determine how much your home is worth, but ultimately you decide the price. We will take a look at recent sales in your neighborhood, properties currently on the market, current market conditions, and of course the positives and negatives of your home.  Once the best market price is decided for your home, then we need to do some marketing.  After we have prepared your home, set the price, the marketing has worked, and the buyers are ready to see it...time to schedule those showings. There is an have an offer. Multiple offers. Now the real work. The negotiation. Hopefully if all goes well, your house goes under contract and closing. Congratulations!

Of course that was the cliff notes version of selling a home.  Ready to sell? 



Upgrading? Downsizing? First-time buyer? 


There is a lot to know when buying a home in Raleigh. Whether it is your first home, or your third home, there are a lot of steps that you have to go through.  First, you will have to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Then you will have to decide on some financing options, and eventually decide on a lender. Then the fun can begin...the actual house hunting.  Most of you will start your search online and attending open houses. But when you are ready to look for a house for real, you will need me, a real estate professional, to come up with a plan with your needs and wants.  You found the home of your dreams. Time to place an offer and ready to negotiate for your new home. Once you have a firm deal, and move towards the closing you will have documents to go through. A LOT of documents. There are a lot of deadlines. It can be overwhelming. But I am here to take away that stress from you, and make the process a little easier for you.



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Whether you want to know the best reasons why you should move to Raleigh, learn about the school system, or you want a simple newcomers guide, you can find these resources here.