5 Things to Do Now if You Want to Sell Your Home in the Spring

Are you planning on putting your home on the real estate market this spring? If you live in Raleigh, Cary, and the surrounding area it has never been a better time to sell your house. If you want to wow buyers and get an offer (or multiple offers) here are some tips on what you need to do to prepare your home for a spring sale.

1. Curb Appeal

Make that first impression count. To ensure that buyers will want to take a look inside your house, make sure the outside of your home has curb appeal. Mow the lawn. Pull out those weeds. Prune the bushes. Freshen up flower beds with mulch. Plant colorful flowers. Clean the gutters. Pressure wash the siding, driveway, patio, and walkway leading to your front door. Give that front door a fresh coat of paint will make your home more welcoming and memorable. And go ahead and buy a new welcome mat to welcome all those buyers!

2. Touch Up Paint

You can do this yourself or schedule your local painters to do this for you. Typically as soon as the weather gets warmer, painters start getting busier. So go ahead and get on their schedule. Touch up baseboards, walls, doors, window casings, and crown molding with a crisp semi-gloss paint. If you have rooms that are painted in a color that might not appeal to everyone, I would consider painting the rooms in a neutral color. 

3. Make Repairs

You know what needs to be fixed in your home. You have been meaning to get around to it for months, but have been putting it off. Well this is the time to do it because buyers will notice. Fix at least the small things. A buyer will get a home inspection before the sale is final. If buyers see that your home has been well maintained, than they normally will not be thinking of bigger issues. 

4. Declutter

Time to start purging out closets and decluttering shelves. Put away family photos and knick knacks.  Clear the kitchen counters. Buyers want to see that there is space and plenty of storage room. Start giving away or packing items that you can do without. If you must keep things, after you pack it be sure to put it away in a 3rd party storage. Buyers have to be able to imagine their own items in the home. 

5. Talk to a Real Estate Agent

Certain homes and neighborhoods in Raleigh and surrounding areas are in such high demand that you might not even have to do so much prepping. This is why developing a relationship with a real estate agent would be helpful. Talk to several agents for a listing presentation to decide who will help you sell that home! I can help you with local resources to start prepping your home for sale. Let's talk. 

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