Moving to Raleigh and Acting

Are you moving to Raleigh and you think your dream of being on the silver screen is over? Or maybe your child has that special spark that is perfect for tv shows or commercials? Well, I can tell you that you might have a bigger chance of landing a project living in Raleigh, than you would in Hollywood or New York City? The entertainment industry has been coming to NC for years because of studios in Wilmington, Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville and surrounding areas. Kids (and adults) from our area are being cast in movies, tv shows/series, promotional videos, and commercials. With pilot season coming up, I can assure you that local talent agencies are keeping parents busy with getting their children auditions. 

First, you will want to find a talent agency that will be willing to represent you. In our area, the only two reputable agencies  that I know of is Talent One and Kids Unlimited Talent.  Don't judge these companies based on their websites. Maybe they are so busy that they have not had a chance to work on their own image, but I can promise you they are keeping local talent busy. My daughter is represented by Kids Unlimited Talent. And though she has not had her big break yet, she has had auditions to some major movies, shows, etc. 

If your child is over the age of 5 years old, you will want to check out the acting classes available at Moonlight Stage Company. Again, this is where my daughter takes acting/improv classes, audition coaching and taping, and occasional voice lessons.  Some other options for budding actors is Raleigh Little Theatre, RaleighACT, Durant Road Musical Theatre, and the NC Theatre Conservatory. Also, many of the local schools in the area have amazing theatre and chorus programs that might want to be on your radar when you are looking for your new home. 

Of course, headshots are important to have when you do get your chance to audition. These photographers have been my go-to for my daughter's headshots or when I need a professional headshot. All you have to is google the words "raleigh headshots" and you will get a list of so many photographers that you might feel overwhelmed. I have had experience with these particular photographers in the area: Tamara Lackey Photography, Season Moore Photography, Jennifer Robertson Photography, and Anna Routh Photography.

Once you get your agent, sign up for classes, and take a headshot, all that you can do now is go on with your lives. Keep your kids well-rounded with other activities that they enjoy. I know kids that have been working on their "acting" for years, and did not get their first role until they were in a college student.  But as long as your kids enjoy what they are doing, they learn some valuable life skills, and maybe one day we will see them in Hollywood! 

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