MY PROMISE always be responsive.

You can reach me by phone, email, text message, Facebook...whatever is your best way to communicate, will be my best way to communicate with you. be available when it's convenient to you.

Your schedule is my schedule; your availability is my availability. It's what you deserve. treat you like a person, not a lead. 

I will not send you endless emails, just for the sake of "staying in touch."  I won't cold call you or show up at your front door uninvited. I won't stalk you, ever. tell it like it is, always.

I am serious about this point, because I will always tell it to you like it is for real. Many people say things just to get a new client.  I am going to be straight up with you, even if it's not what you want to hear. I see myself as an advisor, which means being truthful.  I pride myself on being honest and working with integrity everyday. I would not be able to live with with myself, otherwise. not give you a fridge magnet.

I am not a fan of fridge magnets, especially the ones that have an agent's picture on it.  If you like those fridge magnets, than we probably should not work together. No cheesy marketing over here.